Sunday July 24th

Southlight   11.30 – 12.30  The River Room at The Mill

Southlight 31 is a literary and arts journal that publishes work from within and without Dumfries and Galloway, celebrating what’s fresh on the ear and eye  wherever it originates. The magazine welcomes submissions in Scots and Gaelic as well as English and has a special welcome for new (not necessarily young) writers. Contributors to this edition include Margaret Elphinstone, Donald Adamson, Maggie Mackay, Seth Crook and diverse others, known and new.
Meet the editors, meet some of the writers, enjoy some short readings and buy your copy.


A Dove Tales event: Jean Rafferty and Jen Stout  1.30- 2.45   The River Room at The Mill  

Too many weapons in Ukraine? 

As the West pours billions of pounds of weapons into the war-torn country, Dove Tales discusses the war there with multi-talented journalist/photographer Jen Stout, who has been filing firsthand reports on the situation for both the Sunday Post and the London Review of Books.

Jen will be interviewed by award winning journalist and writer Jean Rafferty.

Jen does not support Dove Tales’ opposition to the provision of ever more arms to the Ukrainians, so expect a lively and challenging discussion with audience participation.

There will also be readings from contributors to Dove Tale’s pamphlet, Now Ukraine.

£5.00 (All proceeds to Dove Tales Charity)

Ingham and Sons    4.00 – 5.00    Faed Gallery

Ingham & Sons will deliver an energetic set of relentless good music. Richard Ingham (keys, tenor saxophone), Dom Ingham (violin, voice) and Rory Ingham (trombone) bring the very best of contemporary jazz, with heartfelt tributes to the greats in jazz history. Expect irresistible jazz funk grooves, some serious swing, some Sinatra, some Ingham, wall to wall feelgood jazz. AND guest appearances from young D&G jazz musicians, with a dash of spontaneous improvised music around beautiful poetry.

Richard Ingham’s Birth of the Cool tour – “WOW!” (The Herald)

Dom Ingham’s album Role Models – “Ingham’s vibrant world…if any proof were needed that jazz is alive and (very) well in 2020, Role Models is it.” (Jazz Journal)

Rory Ingham, British Jazz Awards Rising Star 2017 – “virtuoso jazz trombone playing…if his name appears on a billboard near you, you won’t regret buying that front row seat.” (The Trombonist).

A fantastic finale to BIG LIT 2022!