Tales of Land and Sea: Donald S Murray with singer Caitlin Lilidh

Chosen as the Times Historical Book of the Month last March, ‘In a Veil of Mist’ has been described as ‘a quiet, sad but brilliant novel’ and a ‘poignant meditation on the conditions that could ravage humanity’. Set off the coast of the Isle of Lewis in 1952, it tells the story of Operation Cauldron, a Cold War episode in which top secret biological weapons were tested on monkeys and guinea pigs – a time which nearly ended in disaster when a Lancashire fishing boat passed through the cloud of noxious spray the scientists onboard the ‘Ben Lomond’ had unleashed. From the Butt of Lewis to the South Mainland of Shetland, most of Donald S Murray’s life has been spent within the beam of lighthouses. In the wonderfully illustrated book, ‘For The Safety of All’, he examines the role they have performed in Scotland’s existence – from their creation to their role and purpose in wartime, from their place in literature, art and song to the part its keepers have played in observing and preserving this country’s wild life. 

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