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Chris Agee: Trump Rant

Poet Chris Agee reads from his “startlingly unique” new poetic work, TRUMP RANT (2021), written between January 2017 and Election Day 2020.

“A cross between Allen Ginsberg’s Howl  and Wittgenstein.” 

– William Crawley, BBC Journalist and Presenter of “Sunday”

“What a profusion of insults and vituperation, what a cornucopia of abuse, reproach, contempt, disgust and political and psychological analysis. What an abundance of inventiveness and unfailing imagination and versatility. I am reminded of the copious, imaginative and colourful execration one finds in Shakespeare. Agee’s rant could only have been done by a poet with authentic delight in language and a proper poet’s audacity. It has a poet’s command of cultural allusions too. Altogether this little book of outrage is splendid.” –  Chris Preddle