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Janet Behan: Kathleen and Me

Kathleen Behan, Brendan Behan’s mother lived through The Easter Rising, Spanish Flu, the War of Independence and the Civil war.  She took an active role in the fight for an Irish Republic and threw her energy into trying to make it a socialist one.  She survived near starvation and grinding poverty, holding her family of seven children together through thick and thin while never relinquishing her innate feminism. Her ‘golden boy’ Brendan, become famous all over the world for his plays and books and, according to the press, his ‘rowdy behaviour.’  Through it all she kept going with laughter, songs and wit. Using Kathleen’s words and favourite songs, along with her own memories of her grandmother, Janet Behan and Director Jessica Higgs have created a glorious portrait of a woman who witnessed, first hand, the birth of a nation.

Paid for viewing via  Available Aug 19th-22nd.    £5