Fabulous Phoebe: a film by Robbie Frazer

Fabulous Phoebe is a film set in the covid lockdown touching on the abuse of the feminine - of Gaia and Phoebe herself.

Robbie is a prize winning poet who gave up working in business when the only suit he could still fit into was eaten by moths. He tells us he spent his early life doing strange things with weird people from all corners of the world, including being held hostage on a Karachi camel, evading Khmer Rouge gunfire over Phnom Penh, surviving the 9/11 attacks - the stories go on...

After publishing a prize winning poetry collection in 2020 Robbie now creates films of poetic monologues, the first of which is Fabulous Phoebe. It is a great honour to give it an outing in BIG LIT online.

His collection 192 miles with Carla is available here:


Further Information

Please visit for the poem’s transcript, interviews with the poet and actor, and, importantly, an introduction to Tender, the charity that works with young people to teach them about caring, respectful relationships. If you see the film, please pop over there and give £2. It will help the next generation avoid Phoebe’s plight.