Big Lit 2020 : POSTPONED due to Covid-19


Miller Caldwell: Spies in the Family

Miller Caldwell’s Scottish born great aunt Hilda Campbell, married a Hamburg GP. With a son in the Hitler Youth she was a housewife and mother. But when widowed in 1938 she decided to visit her ailing parents in northern Scotland. The Gestapo took note and using her son to blackmail her, forced her to spy on airfields and report on troop movements. She returned to Germany in 1939 as a double agent. She survived the war and became a British Ambassador's wife. 

Soon to be a documentary on TV and Netflix.

'..... just what the best historical novels should be; the individual's story from the heart of great events" Mark Sadler

4.30 - 5.30  Mill on the Fleet  £8.00