VIRGINIA WOOLF on life, art and buying suspenders:  an illustrated presentation by Karin Fernald

In her  famous novel TO THE LIGHTHOUSE, Virginia Woolf  investigates the  fears of a young woman artist faced with a blank canvas.  “How to begin?  At what point to make the first mark?” 

Entertainingly frank confessions in Woolf’s diaries reveal the embarrassments of a respectable London lady in the 1920’s. “I hate buying clothes.  In particular I hate buying suspenders....”   And she has the courage to confront  the vital question “Am I a Snob?” (Her answer is YES! )  With paintings by Vanessa Bell, Walter Sickert, and other members of the Camden Group of Artists.

Saturday 22nd 4.30 – 5.30    The Mill on the Fleet    £8.00

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