LADIES WHO LAUNCH - Nicola Jackson and Annie Wright

Annie Wright
Annie Wright

May 4th  6.00 – 7.15 : The Crafty Crow 

Join poets Nicola Jackson (Dangerous Women) – winner of The Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize - and Annie Wright (Dangerous Pursuit of Yellow) for pasta, poetry and the launch of two dangerously powerful collections. 

‘Nicola’s work is rich, imaginatively complex, rooted in research as well as empathy but also can be unbearably raw.’ (Geraldine Stevens)

‘In a word – yellow – sunlight, poison, warmth, bitterness – is all that the mind of the poet can discover in concentrated memory, imagination, research. A vivid, original collection of poems.’ (Gillian Clarke)

Choice of two pasta dishes with garlic bread & salad  £8