LAUNCHY MCLUNCHFACE: Charlie Gracie and David Mark Williams

David Mark Williams
David Mark Williams

May 3rd  12.00 -1.00 : The Crafty Crow 

Join novelist Charlie Gracie (To Live With What You Are) and poet David Mark Williams (Papaya Fantasia) for a robust lunch, and follow them on a magical mystery tour all the way to the dark heart of creative genius.

‘(Papaya Fantasia) excites me and reminds me of a concept album, I felt I was on a Magical Mystery Tour. This book has it all. David Mark Williams is a truly unique voice in the poetry world.’ (Eileen Carney Hulme)  

‘Ever wish you could unread something you’ve just read? Last novel to get under my skin like this was Michel Faber’s Under the Skin. Be warned.’ (Donal McLaughlin on Charlie Gracie’s novel)

Soup & sandwich  £6.00

Drop-in or reserve on 01557 814000